The Big Ear Radio Observatory

Club Memorial Call W8KSE

10 GHZ Beacon: 10368.750 KA8EDE EM89ap OH Xenia (50 mW 16 slot waveguide at 89’) (off line)


President Tom Holmes, N8ZM (937) 667-5990

Vice President Mike Suhar, W8RKO

Secretary Jim Bacher, WB8VSU

Treasurer Joe Muchnij, N8QOD

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Anomalous Propagation

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Our monthly meeting is normally 6:30 PM the fourth Friday at MCL Cafeteria, 4485 Far Hills Ave., Kettering. The next meeting is October 27, 2017.

PocketVNA at picnic

The next monthly meeting is 6:30 PM Fri., Oct. 27, 2017, at MCL Cafeteria, 4485 Far Hills Ave, Kettering.

The Midwest VHF/UHF Society brings together hams with strong interest in building and experimenting at the higher frequencies including microwaves & light. The society provides exchange of ideas with monthly meetings and a technically oriented newsletter (called Anomalous Propagation). Noise figure and antenna measurements are performed at the Hamvention or on demand. Building projects are undertaken and surplus or special parts are procured. The society has presently 90 members, most from the tristate area (OH, KY, IN) but also from other parts of the US. Why don't you join us, membership is $12.- per year (foreign $15.-). Mail your check (made out to Joe Muchnij) with name/call, address & telephone number to: Joe Muchnij, N8QOD, 1214 Cottingwood Ct., Bellbrook, OH 45305-8765.

The Newsletter appears monthly except for May, July and December.

*Photo: "The BIG EAR"
by John D. Kraus, W8JK
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